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PV Power Services | Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Electrical equipment maintenace

Servicing and ensuring warranty and post-warranty repairs of both central and decentral inverters

Medium & low voltage circuits maintenence

Modules, cables, inverters and other electric equipment veri cation by IR camera

Maintenance of measuring and monitoring devices

CCTV & security system maintenance

Software update

On-site repair, maintenance & replacement interventions

Mechanical systems maintenace

Checking of structural integrity of the on-site equipment (modules, junction boxes, invertors etc.)

Modules surface checking incl. inspection of fastening

Inspection of fencing and locking system

Checking of all support systems: support structure, screws, clamps etc.

Inspection of grounding between steel structures

On-site repair, maintenance & replacement interventions

Corporate services

Accounting, tax & intrastat services

Audit & legal services

Company headquarter

Authority representation (before grid operator, market operator, city hall etc.)

Processing of mail (scaning, re-sending, archiving)

Management of insurance events

Other maintenance activities

Modules cleaning - washing operations in summer, sond and ice cleaning in winter

Grass cutting and chemical treatment for preventing modules shading

Internal roads maintenance

Drainage system maintenance

Infesting vegetation pruning

Visual check after events with a damage potential (eg. storms)